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green business initiatives

Solar Power

is a renewable energy, provides substantial benefits for our climate, our health and our economy - All appliances must be energy efficient & preferably 5 star rated

Papers save

IF you waste paper, that means you're not saving the Earth. Because paper is made from trees as you may know, but trees have oxygen(O2) and oxygen makes us breathe.

Water save and harvest

Water = Life, Conservation = Future ! , Create a GOAL of how much water your company can save and plan a celebration once that goal is met!!!

RDP ML-100

Consumes just 5 watt of energy and emits negligible heat compared to a conventional PC consumes 110-130 watt and emits more heat + significant saving on UPS and AC costs

Fuel Save

Better yet, walk or ride a bicycle to your errands that are two miles or closer, use car pools, public transport systems & must think about fuel efficiency & emission controls

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Waste is a symptom of an inefficient process. Preventing waste increases efficiency. Increasing efficiency increases profits. Emphasize on reducing waste & recycle the waste you generated.

ML-100   most economical corporate model


One PC many USERS, Savings

Unleash the power of server based computing concept with RDP’s flagship model ML-100, and liberate organizations from high capex & opex costs towards setting up and maintaining their end point computing devices.

ML-100 has a promise to organizations in assuring high availability of computing resources (zero downtime), because it has zero moving components design and ensures the highest degree of reliability to organizations.

ML-100 works on RDP/NetPoint Protocol, is ready for both windows & linux applications, provides unmatched performance at par with Desktop PC and supports broader peripherals to connect thru usb interface..


For IT managers, NetPoint Server (Server side management console) allows them to configure, monitor and manage ML-100 devices centrally and simply from the server. Adding or Replacing of new clients is just plug-and-play.

Technical Features

Device Type: Thin Client Terminal
Configuration: MIPS RMI SoC 533MHz / 128 MB Ram / 128 MB Flash
Supported Server OS: Win XP / Win 7 / Win 2003 & 2008 / Linux & Multipoint Server 2011
Maximum Clients to Server: No Limitation in any OS
I/O Ports: 6 USB 2.0, VGA, Lan, Mic-in, Spk-out
Protocol Support: Net Point 5.1, RDP
Native OS: Linux
Remote Server Connectivity (Thru Internet): Yes with 128 Bit Encryption
Video Resolution: 16/24 bit, Up to 1920 * 1080
Audio Input: Yes
Audio Output: Yes
Wireless Option: No
Power Consumption: 5 Watt
Dimensions: 180mm(w)*32mm(h)*130(d)
Weight: 156 Grams
Operating Temperature: Max 54 degree Celsius
Placing Options: Desktop / Monitor Back
MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure): 210000 hours
Working Style: No noise because of NO Moving Components Inside, Generates Less heat & Provides Quiet and Pleasant Working Environment
Additional Queries on ML-100 :-    shameer@rdp.in
corporate features
Most Economical
3 years warranty
Green Computing
No mooving Parts
Win - Linux Ready
Sound input/output
ability to run 24/7
save licensing cost
ZERO Footprint
upto 1920 x1200
lan connectivity
High Gloss finishing


TV 5 News Channel, Hyderabad

We have been working with RDP for more than a years , they are creative, precise and have a strong customer service ethic – we look forward to maintain a long relationship with you.

Maple Kitchens

we are using RDP Thin Clients for quite long time & learnt that they offered us the most innovative computing solution. They are ahead of the curve with respect to technology and are very impressive to work with. Additionally, I have found their level of service to customers is exceptional.

India Fin Serve Advisors Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru.

Deploying RDP Thin Clients is one of the best IT decisions we’ve made.

Shri Ram Chandra Mission, Chennai

computing.. simplified.. their logo tagline exactly speaks what they do.. appreciated their efforts to bring simplified computing environment to our office, RDP is very knowledgeable, patient and exceeded our expectations.

Kun Exclusive

RDP is a great resource for any business to have. They are very professional, HELPFUL, and responsive.

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